Entering Nepal

Entering Nepal

Since Nepal is a landlocked nation, there is no ocean that spans for the boat. Along these lines, there are two different ways of entering Nepal either via Air or via land. Nepal has two neighbor nations in the North, China and toward the Southe, West and East India so taking a course via land is from these two nations.

Via air

There are twelve significant universal aircrafts connecting to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The Royal Nepal Airlines (RA) is the national banner bearer of Nepal with flight associations with Delhi, Mumbai in India; Bangkok in Thailand; Osaka in Japan; Hong Kong, Shanghai in China; Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia; Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Other global carriers interfacing Kathmandu to different pieces of the world are Biman Bangladesh to Dhaka in Bangladesh; China Airlines to Lhasa in Tibetan Autonomous Region of China; Druk Air to Paro in Bhutan and New Delhi in India; Gulf Air to Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates; Indian Airlines to Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi in India; Qatar Airways to Doha in Qatar; Thai International Airways to Bangkok in Thailand.

Via land

Nepal imparts fringes to India on three sides and China on the north side. Thusly, on the off chance that you need to enter Nepal by means of street you should come through either India or Tibet (China). The section focuses to Nepal from India are Kakarbhitta, Birgunj, Belhiya, Bhairawa, Nepalgunj, Dhangadhi and Mahendra Nagar. The Kodari Pass in Nepal-China fringe is the passage point to Nepal from China. Vacationers entering Nepal via land should likewise convey their travel papers.

For getting around the nation, there is a great residential air system and helicopter contract benefits just as exclusive vacationer mentors. We will help you in making your movement courses of action inside Nepal according to your excursion schedule.