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Hi, I’m Hailey Fonder of Global Heartbeat Travel.com.
Himalaya Experience Travel Tours & Trek.
experience in Nepal would’ve been drastically different without our group’s Nepali guides and porters. Nir assembled a team who had personal knowledge of the Annapurna Circuit and who were ready to help us (like carrying our bags, bringing us hot tea, and finding accommodations), which made a huge impact on our daily journey through the Himalayas. Plus, with their big smiles and tender hearts, we walked away with friends for life. Truly, I can’t recommend trekking with a Nepali guide enough – especially with Nir and his crew!   Nir does everything with a smile and cares deeply for every member in his charge. Actually, Nir helps anyone whenever he can – as demonstrated by his willingness to administer first aid to another traveler who had an accident in front of our group. Nir is kind and caring, and he will care for you!   If Nepal is on your Travel Bucket List consider going with Nir’s company: Himalayan Experience Adventure Trek. Nir and his team will become like family by the end of your journey!