Chitwan & Bardiya Jungle Safari

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Ride an elephant through the quiet wilderness getting untamed life off guard; will be one of the most suffering encounters in Nepal. The wildernesses in the southern and south-western pieces of Nepal are just a half hour to an hour’s flight away.

The Chitwan National Park and the Bardiya National Park are home to an inconceivable assortment of warm blooded animals, reptiles and winged creatures. The previous is perceived as the best safeguarded preservation region in all Asia with an interesting scope of untamed life meandering indiscriminately. With their normal living space very much protected the creatures are flourishing.

Among these are the jeopardized species: the Greater one-horned rhinoceros and the most looked for after Royal Bengal tiger. The numerous safaris holds up in Chitwan and Bardiya give astounding convenience and offices to visitors to appreciate natural life exercises.

Under the direction of master naturalists with long stretches of understanding, you can see untamed life very close on an elephant safari or a jeep drive, a pontoon ride or nature stroll.

Each excursion is exceptional as one never realizes what will appear: a bear, a group of deer, a herd of peacocks, Langur monkeys on treetops, a couple of rhinos and some fortunate visitors get the opportunity to see the tricky tiger sneaking among the tall grass.

There is fantastic harmony in a wilderness tuning in to feathered creature calls and creature sounds away from the clamour and interruptions of city life. Encompassed by greenery and loaded up with common sounds, the psyche unwinds and one discovers harmony in the wild. It’s an encounter of a lifetime.

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