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Paragliding is the best thriller for those who are adventurous. The experience of being high up in the sky and flying like a bird is the thrill that nothing can beat. If you want to fly like a bird then you should take an experience of paragliding once in your life. When you are flying you can enjoy the views of snow-capped mountains, primeval lakes and blooming valleys. The experienced pilots are with you to guide you through the skies. This is the marvellous experience you will never forget in your life. Tandem flights to fully certified paragliding courses or solo flights or even go paragliding attended by hawks are the options of paragliding.

Nepal provides some of the best paragliding experiences in the world which gives the very natural as well as bested feelings with the low lying valleys and the high cold mountains. Nowadays Paragliding has become more popular sports than it was before. Paragliding has been developing since 1995. You may sign in as a beginner later on you will be more qualified about this. This is the life time experience because you can enjoy the amazing natural views of the beautiful cities and the Himalayan peaks from the vantage point. There are many ways for paragliding i.e. you can fly with world class pilots, solo or tandem or acro flying, you can get your international license in the Nepal. If you want to fly on your own then you can hire required equipment in Nepal.

This is necessary to know about the flying policies and regulations of Nepal for your own safety due to the possibilities of being too near to the flying paths of domestic airlines, you are not allowed to just launch as a private pilot.

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