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Rai also called Khumbu a people indigenous to eastern Nepal living West of the Arun River in the area drained by the sunkosi River at elevation of ‘ 5500,-7700 feet 1700- 2300m.) And in Southeastern Bhutan.

How many Rai are there in Nepal ?

According to Nepalis 200/ census , there are (635751  Rai in Nepal representing 2 .79% of the Total population .

What is language of the Rai ? 

Bantawa is the member of the Ester Kiranti  Branch of Tibet burman languages spoken by the Bantawa Rai people in parts of Sikkim and Nepal and estimated 390,000 people speak this language, and Sikkim it is sometimes written with an alphabet known  as Kiranti Rai.

How many types of Rai are there?

There are more than 30 sub- castes in Rai cast these are the major sub- castes of Rai , Bantawa ,. Sampangs, Thulungs, Kulungs ,Khalings , Nachhiring , Changing , Sotang ,etc .

 Introduction of Rai cast in Nepal 

 Rai. Caste is one of listed enthic group of Nepal . According to National census of 2001 its papolation is 635,751 Rai people are mostly live in far Eastern pant  of Nepal Densely Rai populated district of Nepal are : Khotangs , solukhumbu , Bhojpur , Udaypur , Okhaldhunga ,


Rai people are Speak their own mother Language Rai. It is the most noteble point is that in Rai people there are several sub- caste among them and they have their own Specific language each Sub – caste and its totally different speak Nepalis National language of Nepal and  educated Rai people speak Excellent English.


Rai people follow therown religion Kiranti.

They take falgunanda as their founder of religion

But still in some of the Rai community practices , Hindu religion knowingly or unknowingly . Mostly the Rai

People feel proud to say Kirant – to them.


Rai people celebrate several festival in differents season. The most famous festival of Rai is / Uhaulli falls in mangsir and Baisakh. Rai people celebrate this festival around one week. They celebrate this festival gathering and dancing the Name dance is Chandi Naachi ) they see their relatives and friends in this time .

However Rai people celebrate many more other festival like , Dhasain and Tihar cit is them main festival of Hindu ) chaite Dhasain , Saune Sankranti etc.


Rai people’s main occupation is agriculture. And also youngs Rai try to

be British Army Khorkha , most of the

Young Rai at .leasttries Army in their life.

But these days  different accupation like teaching public ad minister that are engaged in Turisms industry’s some Rai people follow business, official job and go to adroad . Employment .

 Sub – caste in Rai

There are more than 30 sub- – castes in Rai castes , these are the major sub- – castes of Rai : Bantawa , Sampangs , Thulungs , Kulungs, Nachhirings , Khalings , wambule , Chamling , Sotang , etc.

If you book this packages you have a lots opportunities to learn to the Rai cultures and why Rai are living lower villages and Rai has lot of previous experience adventure and traditional Rai cultures

Rock climbing  and memories and memorible things etc you see .

Specially Rai are living lower villages called Bung , Sotang , Chheskam ,

Gudhel , Cho Cho lu , Pelmang ,  Deusa , Bhasa , khaali khastab , pawai ,

Lokhkhim ,Khotang ,. Udaypur, Okhaldhunga  and Bhojpur,


01: day arrive Kathmandu transfer to hotel.

02: day City sightseeing Kathmandu back to hotel.

03: day drive to Salleri 160klm.5 hour

04:day drive to Patale (1530m.) 4 hour.

05: day Rest day at Patale and sightseeing schools and local Rai Homeland  stay with Rai people’s being happy family and friends .

06:day Trek to bung (1677m.) 5 hour walk sightseeing local market at bung .

07: day Trek to Chheskam (2000m.) Sightseeing Saturday market at Chheskam and sightseeing local Rai Homeland and health post and schools .

08:day Trek to Gudel (1938m.) 6 hour walk.main Gate way to Salpa Banjyang Tumlingtar , specially Local Rai peoples how to they living life style we can read about this beautiful Earth.

09:day Trek to Bung  (1677m.) 5 hour walk.

010: day Trek to Sotang (1330m.) 4 hour walk .Sotang is the most beautiful

Sotang is mostly knows from the local markets and also biggest center of the Rai culture and Rai religions study classes.

011: day drive to Salleri by car 60 klm. 3 hour

012: day drive to Kathmandu transfer to hotel.

013: day fully rest day at Kathmandu.

014: day Finel Departure from Nepal to your home land .

Price Includes

  • Airport pickup and drop in a private vehicle for local flight.
  • One night inn convenience in Kathmandu in B/B premise.
  • Tea house convenience during the trek.
  • Three times feast in the trek.
  • Hot soup in the high places.
  • Farewell supper in Kathmandu.
  • All the transportation according to the schedule.
  • Two way travel: Kathmandu – Sallery.
  • An experienced guide for trek and touring.
  • Porter administration (2 trekkers: 1 doorman).
  • Insurance for guide and doormen.
  • Food and settlement for guide and doormen.
  • All-important archives (Permits and TIMS).
  • All government and neighborhood charges.
  • T-Shirt from our organization.
  • Airport charges.
  • Medical pack.
  • Trekking map as agenda.
  • Trip consummation endorsement.

Price Excludes

  • Visa for Nepal.
  • International trip to and from Kathmandu.
  • Lunch and supper in Kathmandu.
  • Travel and salvage protection of customers.
  • Personal costs: Hot shower, battery charge during trek, bar charges, clothing.
  • Mineral water and cold beverages.
  • Emergency Rescue departure.
  • Extra night convenience in Kathmandu in exemption of schedule.
  • Tips for guide and watchmen.

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